packing and shifting

packing and shifting
packing and shifting

For any commercial firm, IT equipment is likely the most valuable resource. That’s why we have a dedicated staff with experts in IT equipment packing. office relocation Just so you know, we cover your expensive tech devices in tri-wall safety-protected bubble wrap. We occasionally also use soft blankets for added security. To ensure that monitors are safe during transit. The packing boxes are equipped with foam and the appropriate coverings. packing and shifting


The most important stage is moving after organizing the storage situation and packing all of the possessions. We take the greatest safety precautions at every stage of the moving process to ensure that not even one delicate object is damaged.

Loading is the initial step in shifting. We identify the packing boxes as we load them to prevent confusion among the workers about where the products should be placed. To avoid putting additional strain on the delicate objects, we take care to maintain them at the top. With the help of our contemporary technology, we can also load big, bulky machines.

Next is transportation; our group is equipped with cutting-edge cars that can transport business supplies to any location. We ship, fly, and deliver the items via road in accordance with customer requests. packing and shifting

We also offer unloading services after we arrive at the location because it is very important. If inexperienced hands are used to unload the delicate items, disasters ensue. Thus, our knowledgeable staff also helps with the unloading procedure.

Furniture, IT Equipment

Our in-house interior designer is available to assist with office redesigning. Additionally, moving office furniture can be difficult, but we have experience moving business furniture.

In addition, disassembly and reinstallation of certain devices will be included in our equipment packaging service. We verify that the gadgets are operating correctly at the new office after reinstallation. Our electricians take additional care to ensure they don’t damage anything and give you the best service when disassembling the equipment.

Packing Service

You definitely need our expert assistance when it comes to office relocating services in Dhaka, as you cannot handle the packing process on your own. We have since offered packaging services that are appropriate for any style of office. You have the option of choosing from one of the following options: the full package, which includes packing all of the commercial belongings for your office move; picking only one package; mixing and matching; or even customizing the services to suit your needs.

Furniture Packing

Desks and cubicles would make up the majority of the furniture in a business workplace. We have the right supplies and skilled personnel to pack the office furniture. By bringing in all the required packing boxes while taking into account the size and style of the office furniture, MY Company guarantees a successful furniture installation.  Web Developer | Car Hire | Car Booking | BD Pack And Shift

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