Office Shifting Service/Labor Provider Dhaka BD

Services for office relocation in Dhaka play a vital part in guaranteeing a smooth and effective moving process. These service providers are knowledgeable about the complexities of moving a full workplace, including all of the furniture, equipment, and papers, thanks to their experience and skill. They can manage the process effectively, reducing downtime and interruptions to corporate operations, because they have the required staff, resources, and logistics. Office Shifting Service/Labor Provider Dhaka BD.

Office Shifting Service/Labor Provider Dhaka BD
Office Shifting Service/Labor Provider Dhaka BD

Smooth Scheduling and Performance

Expert Dhaka office moving services are excellent at organizing and carrying out office moves. They begin by thoroughly evaluating the needs of the new location and the existing office space. They develop a thorough relocation strategy with dates, packing techniques, transportation, and unpacking at the new office based on this evaluation. Their careful preparation reduces the possibility of delays or poor management and guarantees a seamless transition.

Proficiency in Managing Office Supplies

Office equipment, including servers, printers, computers, and specialty gear, must be handled carefully when moving offices. Office moving services in Dhaka employ skilled specialists with the know-how to carefully disassemble, pack, move, and reinstall these equipment. To guarantee the equipment’s integrity and safety throughout transportation, they pack it properly using the right materials and methods.

Effective Moving of Furniture

Office furniture moving can be a difficult undertaking, particularly when handling big, heavy objects. Professional Dhaka office moving companies are equipped with dollies, trolleys, and ramps, among other tools, to make moving furniture easier. They ensure that furniture is protected during transit by carefully disassembling and packing it. They rebuild and rearrange the furnishings in the new workplace based on the wishes of the clients.

Reducing downtime

Reducing downtime to prevent corporate operations from being disrupted is one of the main considerations during office relocation. Office moving services in Dhaka are aware of how important it is to finish relocations on schedule, thus they work hard to achieve this goal. Businesses can swiftly restart operations and minimize downtime by handling the packing, transporting, and unpacking procedures with efficiency.

Safety and Insurance

Relocating valuable assets comes with inherent risks. However, professional office shifting services in Dhaka provide insurance coverage for any potential damages or losses that may occur during the relocation process. This ensures that businesses have peace of mind knowing that their assets are protected throughout the move.

Dhaka Office Moving Services

It could be difficult to consider moving offices. Nevertheless, any big workplace relocation will flatten with the correct design. One of the easiest providers of office moving services in Bangladesh’s capital is BD Pack & Shift. Once office furniture, cubicles, phones, computers, and laptops are moved, the goal is to minimize disruptions inside the digital computer and quickly return to more conventional levels of power and advancement. Whereas no 2 office moving assignments are similar, basic activities require organization and management to confirm good implementation.

You will receive assistance from our skilled project managers for business relocation services in Dhaka at every stage of the process. Working together with you and your employees as a team may ensure that every stage of your office move is covered, that plans are made, that procedures are followed, and that deadlines are reached. Countless minute aspects need to be taken care of. Experienced and really committed personnel can create without a doubt, according to BD Pack & Shift. There is nothing left up to chance.

Office Shifting Service/Labor Provider Dhaka BD


The extent to which services facilities are typically relocated between regular business hours and on the weekends. In order to confirm a friend’s office transfer, we will collaborate with your move coordinators to determine a unique office relocation plan, office moving succession, timeframe objectives, and important roles and responsibilities.

What is the simplest approach to relocate an office in Bangladesh’s Dhaka?

After performing extensive study, I came to the conclusion that hiring a reputable mover and packer is the best option for transferring your workplace. A reputable and effective moving company will make the process of relocating easier for you. If we so want, there are numerous hazards involved in changing the workplace ourselves. Professional packers and movers will handle every step of the office moving process 100% safely and without causing you any stress. Thus, you can pick with confidence the top office moving company in your neighborhood.

How Typically We Work for Dhaka Office Shifting Services

One or more of our knowledgeable advisers can visit your office to assess your office belongings when you ask Pack & Shift to provide a price for your office moving services.
He can go through everything you own, make a list, make a short list, and indicate which goods need extra packing since they are breakable or delicate.
You can receive a moving quote that aligns with your relocation schedule, and the services offered will suit your needs and desires.
We always strive to provide you with as many moving resources as we are able to. Our goal is to make your move easy, stress-free, and tailored to your requirements and budget. Our unique packaging.

Computer (Desktop or and Laptop) relocation service.

Plant relocation.
Crating service.
Project Management.
Employee move orientation conferences.
Providing packaging materials.
Loading and unloading, delivery and setup
Warehouse relocation
Furniture disposal
Filing reorganizations
Inventory & document deposition
Records storage and management
Asset management

Packers & Movers Service BD

The BD Pack & Shift Moving Company provides a comprehensive range of office moving services in Dhaka to remove and/or dismantle your current server rooms, office furniture, and other related supplies from your previous site. Our competent and experienced movers can relocate your belongings to the new location and arrange them in a way that complements your facilities.

Office Shifting Services’ potential for full-service packing Using cutting-edge packing supplies and stylish packaging techniques, our skilled team of packers can efficiently pack all of your workplace belongings. Each person on our packers’ team possesses the highest levels of talent, dedication, expertise, and specialized training. They’ll provide skilled and informed care for your entire office.
brittle packaging Certain things are expensive and breakable. Please let us know about that item so we can pack them more carefully. We frequently handle the items in your office as if they were our own. You don’t need to worry at all because your relocation is in the capable hands of moving experts.
Unique Packaging Using special packing ensures that your bulky, pricey, and valuable things are 100% safe.

Simple Office Relocation Services

Before our professional moving crew loads the moving truck, they may ensure that every office item is packed securely. Every item has an inventory list and a location identifier for relocation. We usually apply a durable plastic stretch wrap to protect against dirt and scratches. We also typically utilize specialized packing materials to prevent any damage to your possessions during the move.

Transportation: Our top goal is safety. We typically ensure that the items in your office are safe. Our drivers have experience and have been trained. They have extensive understanding of driving large moving vehicles on narrow, congested, and public roads. They pledge to move your possessions with the utmost expertise.


The process of unloading can start as soon as the moving vehicle arrives at your new workplace. We often take inventory while unloading to ensure that every single item is accounted for. As per your instructions, our professional movers may carefully arrange everything room by room. In addition, we will provide assembly services for your furniture and other items per request or need.

Professional labor-If you just require professional labor for Dhaka house or office moving services. Then there is good news for you BD Pack & Shift Provide professional expert house and office moving labor in Dhaka. Office relocation is a difficult task for the average person, so you should hire a professional office mover.

Fast Transport Assistance for Your Office Relocation

In case you need to relocate your office in Dhaka, transport services are required. In Dhaka, there are numerous transport companies offering transportation services. However, due to limitations, maximum moving firms are unable to offer expedited transport services. There is only one firm in Dhaka that offers speedy office relocation transportation services: BD Pack and Shift Movers and Packers.

For hassle-free and secure services at all times, our prompt transport services will arrive at your door. In Dhaka, moving trucks of all sizes are available for your workplace belongings, seven days a week. which you may easily move any kind of office furniture around as you choose. Note: All of our drivers and employees are highly qualified and certified in transportation. So don’t worry about moving your office to Dhaka.

Extra Office Relocation Services Available Unpacking:

We always strive to make your office relocation experience as convenient as possible. We are pleased to offer you our unpacking services at Pack & the Shift. Our packers are knowledgeable and trustworthy; they will remove all of your possessions and arrange them according to your directions. You can easily transition into your new workplace with the help of our unpacking service. When you have finished the unpacking process, we will remove all packing supplies from your office per your request.

Assembly: We provide our clients with services for disassembling and reassembling. We have a skilled, experienced technician on staff who can assemble and operate your office furniture, air conditioning, projectors, LCD/LED screens, light fixtures, fans, and other electrical items. Before your move, they will disassemble and reassemble various office supplies.

Government Office Transfer Services Available in Dhaka.

We have extensive expertise transferring government offices throughout Bangladesh, including in Dhaka. Government offices are typically significantly larger, therefore moving them requires a large workforce. In compliance with government directives, we offer expert office relocation services in Dhaka. However, we have a full-time, highly skilled, and professionally trained staff of international quality office movers. Government offices are open to the public, but we move them with the highest level of protection. For the relocation of government offices, we always offer some discounts.

Dhaka offers services for moving commercial offices.

Professional movers are necessary for any corporate and commercial office in Dhaka, in my opinion, when transferring offices. Few moving companies in Dhaka and around Bangladesh currently offer expert corporate and business relocation services. Among them is BD Pack and Shift, with over seven years of experience in commercial relocation. This moving company can successfully complete your commercial transfer in accordance with your needs. This is the reason why I advise you to taken their commercial moving service.

How much does it cost to move an office?

The cost of an office moving estimate is entirely dependent on your needs, including the quantity of objects to be moved, the kind of packing assistance you require, the amount of lobar required, and the type of vehicle required. The moving firm will provide you with an accurate estimate following the assessment.

The financial factor in the office relocation
Quantity of office supplies: It is advisable to measure office goods before moving them. Depending on your office goods, you will pay a certain sum if there is some. Alternatively, you will have to pay extra if office supplies have more.


Office size: The cost of transferring an office in Dhaka is influenced by the size of the office property. Your relocating costs will be higher if you own a large, high-rise office property. Relocating a one-room office will be less expensive than moving a two-room office.

Depending on labor: The amount of labor required to modify your office will determine how much it will cost. Expert labor with extensive training can do complicated tasks with ease. Our experienced office moving labor crew has over 7 years of experience in Bangladesh, particularly in Dhaka.

Insurance and Storage:

Be prepared to pay a separate fee for the services of a hired insurance and storage provider if you require both. We have an international insurance facility that is approved by the government.

Type of packing materials: We stock a wide range of materials, including chipboard packaging, plastic sheets, foil wrapped bags, corrugated boxes, peanut foam, rigid boxes, and cardboard boxes. The type of packaging material you use will determine the cost of packing. We use high-end packaging supplies since we offer specialized packing services. The cost of this packing style will be more than that of regular packing.

Why are Shift Movers and BD Pack the Best for Office Relocation Services?

The Pack and Shift company creates moving packages for your home and workplace based on the needs of the customer and the intended relocation site. They now provide exclusive rates for office, commercial, corporate, and family relocation in Dhaka and around Bangladesh. A few areas of expertise:

Low-cost local residential office moving services.
Affordable local business office relocation services.
There is storage for valuables.
We also provide floor padding, wall painting, and polishing.
Particular packaging is used for pricey and unusual commodities.
Official opening, fitting, packing, and unpacking of furniture.
Excellent prior executive backing and prompt action.
Electronic devices such as air conditioners, fans, televisions, and other open-fitting products.
We guarantee 100% hassle-free and secure moving services. We have insurance coverage for any unfortunate situation.
A well-trained and knowledgeable relocating crew will assist you without any problems.

BD Pack and Shift: Why?

Security: Don’t worry about shifting your office; security is our first priority.
Save time: completing more work in less time is our company’s specialty.
Save money: At the moment, we provide office moving services at a low rate. which other specialty moving firms are unable to provide. Office Shifting Service/Labor Provider Dhaka BD.
Free Assessment: In Dhaka, we offer free assessments around-the-clock.
Get a Free Quote: These services can assist you in making the best choice for your relocation.
No unstated costs: We don’t charge any additional fees or hidden costs.
Compensation: In the event that any items are damaged, compensation is provided.

Best Pack And Shifting Service Agency Dhaka Bangladesh

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