Office shifting in Bangladesh Dhaka

Office migration can cause difficulties and have a direct impact on your commercial productivity. Whether you’re looking to renovate your workspace or relocate your office to a new site. Office shifting requires professional assistance in this day of fast-paced business. And we at BD PACK & SHIFT and packers are here to help with any office moving difficulties.  Office shifting in Bangladesh Dhaka

Packing Service

You definitely need our expert assistance when it comes to office relocating services in Dhaka, as you cannot handle the packing process on your own. We have since offered packaging services that are appropriate for any style of office. You have the option of choosing from one of the following options: the full package, which includes packing all of the commercial belongings for your office move; picking only one package; mixing and matching; or even customizing the services to suit your needs.

shifting service power moving service in Uttara, Dhaka house shifting service in Chittagong Office shifting in Bangladesh Dhaka
shifting service power moving service in Uttara, Dhaka house shifting service in Chittagong Office shifting in Bangladesh Dhaka

Furniture Packing

Desks and cubicles would make up the majority of the furniture in a business workplace. We have the right supplies and skilled personnel to pack the office furniture. Our business assures a flawless furniture packing process by bringing in all the necessary packing boxes, taking into account the size and kind of your office’s furniture.  Web Developer | Car Hire | Car Booking | BD Pack And Shift

New Office Setup

Our in-house interior designer is available to assist with office redesigning. Additionally, moving office furniture can be difficult, but we have experience moving business furniture.

In addition, disassembly and reinstallation of certain devices will be included in our equipment packaging service. We verify that the gadgets are operating correctly at the new office after reinstallation. Our electricians take additional care to ensure they don’t damage anything and give you the best service when disassembling the equipment.


However, nobody actually considers cleaning to be a chore while moving offices. Our cleaning crew thoroughly cleans the entire property and restores its original appearance after we have finished loading all of the products onto the transports. We also offer office transferring services that involve cleaning the new location. We maintain everything tidy and prepared to arrange the furniture before we get to the destination. Office shifting in Bangladesh Dhaka

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