Movers in Dhaka Bangladesh

Any kind of moving can be quite taxing on the body and the mind. You lose productivity when you pack everything and move it to a new location. Furthermore, moving might cause excruciating tension. For your moving needs, we at BD Pack and Shift provide you with a full packers and movers solution. Any moving obstacle will be expertly handled by our first-rate service and knowledgeable workers. Movers in Dhaka Bangladesh

Moving company Dhaka Office shifting services Moving companies us Packers and  Basa Bodol Movers Movers in Dhaka
Moving company Dhaka Office shifting services Moving companies us Packers and Basa Bodol Movers in Dhaka Bangladesh

Our Packers And Movers Services

Our services are offered in a variety of packages, and clients are free to alter the bundles to meet their specific needs. We also have a team of decorators who will come in once the entire moving procedure is finished. Redecorating a space may undoubtedly be very stressful after dealing with the bother of moving. It will also be very expensive to hire decorators with experience. With your help, we can redesign both your home and office. Movers in Dhaka Bangladesh


We visit your home and assess both properties as soon as you phone us to discuss a purchase. Based on the examination, our knowledgeable staff recommends the products that work best. In addition, we provide rates depending on the examination.

House Shifting Service

All the packages our clients would require for their move are included in our house moving service in Dhaka. Included in our house moving service is:

complete packing assistance. We pack everything in your house, including clothes, appliances, and furniture.
We include pet relocation services in our household moving packages. Thus, you are free from the concern of moving your pet.

For packers and movers moving houses, we provide contemporary packing supplies.
We transport furniture from the retailers as well.
Our group offers storage and decluttering services.
Our consulting staff can provide you with appropriate property guidelines, even for your convenience.

Office Shifting Service Packers And Movers

Professional help is required when moving an office or corporate space. It is impossible to stop working and dedicate all of your time to arranging the shift because office relocation requires at least one week’s notice. We provide; we carry out the task for you. With our all-inclusive office relocation service in Dhaka, you can just keep working without wasting any time.

We offer full furniture removal services, including packing and redecorating.
After relocation is finished, our crew will additionally clean the office.

We also move and pack industrial equipment. We have everything we need to move massive machines.
All the machines related to technology can be managed by our IT team. If the client requests it, they can be put back in the new office.

Packing Service

We offer full packaging services in Dhaka upon request; if not, we can assist you with the packing process with a variety of packages.
A summary of our packing services:  Web Developer | Car Hire | Car Booking | BD Pack And Shift

We provide a full house packing service, in which you can just hand us the keys to your entire house, and we’ll take care of the packing. In this instance, we begin packing in order to maximize your convenience; however, we will pack straight from the kitchen upon request from our clients.
We also load furniture, fragile items, individual rooms, and more.
We provide packing products for sale as well as for rental. Our specially designed boxes and crates are resilient enough to safeguard both local and foreign relocation. Web Source IT Solution is a service oriented startup that sells services to our potential customers.


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